Being placed at the center of Europe, GreenSwan is a production and development medicines company. With a focus on medicines, the product of drugs, medicinal products, and food supplements, GS wants to help customers live healthier lives.

GS company was established in 1997, in Great Britain. They subsequently moved their headquarters to Prague – the Czech Republic, the heart of Europe.

Their broad portfolio’s  most popular and recommended products include GS Condro, GS Merilin, GS Triomen, and GS Mamavit.

As a pharmaceutical company, we strive to provide the highest quality of our products.

Therefore, our products contain a balanced and proven amount of active ingredients of the highest pharmaceutical quality and are based on the latest pharmaceutical knowledge.

They represent the highest quality and proven effectiveness, supported by long-standing cooperation with leading medical and pharmaceutical experts in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We believe that our products will help improve the quality of your life—seal: Developed by professionals – 100% natural – Quality guaranteed. As Founder of Green-Swan Pharmaceuticals: Keith Lauder declares:” In everything we do, we endeavor everyone to appreciate their health.”