Founded in 1970, it has been operating in the sector of food supplements for more than thirty years.

It actively deals with development and manufacture of natural products, based on a variety of active principles (vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc.) combined with standardized vegetable extracts.

The company has specialized in Research & Development, by offering a wide range of innovative and safe formulations. PROCEDURES AND CERTIFICATIONS GRICAR CHEMICAL works in accordance with an HACCP system set to our own in-house, as provided for by D.L. 193/2007 dated November 6, 2007, “Implementation of Directive 2004/41/EC concerning Food Safety Checks and Application of Community Regulations in the same field”.

Thus it guarantees the hygiene and the safety of its own productions by locating, analyzing and monitoring the “critical momentss” of every process.

Since 2002 GRICAR CHEMICAL has had the certification of compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 International Standard for checks over Research & Development, Production, Procurement, Quality Control, Sales and Stores.