About Us

DELAP Pharmaceutical company have over ten years of allocation imported product in Vietnam. Today, we have built a Pharmaceutical product allocation system all around Vietnam on different channels: hospitals, surgery, medicine store, mom and baby shop.
From the start of establishment, DELAP defines activities guidelines as sharing between Communities, business Partners, and our own company. We built a model business with the benefit of consumers health is the most important, next to share the blessing to partners and staff of the company. Our need is to make DELAP the best brand of healthcare in Vietnam, with according prize.
The Streng of DELAP is the pharmacist, doctor, and professional with many years experience in product development, especially high-quality products from the EU. Hence, products of prestige suppliers in the world keep their charismatic qualities and the particular with others. Besides, crowded business staff and managers and widely allocation system help products go to customers be directed and swiftly.

1. Business philosophy

Business is accurate creat a valuation to society. With us, that value is bringing health and safety to the diseased, especially women and children. And we are sharing the interest to business partner with truth, and long term co-operate.

2. Mission

Upgrade the health of Vietnamese with high-quality pharmaceutical products from the EU.

3. Vision

By allocation and developing EU pharmaceutical products, we towards to leading pharmacy Vietnam's brand.

Business Partner